The Words Kraft — Single Mother? How Accommodating are the Job Markets?

Customer Pay for Staff/ Employees: Irrespective of Gender & Marital/ Parental Status

  • Is it okay to regularly miss critical customer discussions scheduled at 9 PM, with team members located at very different time zones and geographies?
  • Is it okay to always ask for easier work items, while others in the team are assigned brain-wracking complex deliverables?
  • Is it okay to expect equal consideration in promotions and appraisals, while your contribution to the project was anything extraordinary?
  • How long can the organization extend “special considerations” while you deal with your personal problems and responsibilities?

Discrimination? An Everyday Affair at the Workplace.

  • Women are often demoted or terminated when they become pregnant, mostly because they would be undergoing a planned maternity leave. It is assumed that their priorities toward office work would change, soon after the child’s birth.
  • After the maternity leave gets over, single mothers are yet another employee, who needs to abide by the organizational work policies laid out for all employees. And most organizations don’t have a well-defined tailor-made flexible work schedule for single mothers.
  • Women with children are not promoted simply because they have children. No matter how much hard work they put into their work, it gets underappreciated as it is the general understanding that they always prioritize their duties as a mother.
  • Workplaces commonly lie about their performance in order to terminate them.
  • Single mothers are hardly given any position of responsibility even when they are the perfect candidate. They are judged based on their marital or relationship status rather than their potential and talent.

Divorced. Single Mother? Unfit for Higher Roles and Management Positions?



Enthusiastic Writer — Persistent Dreamer — Fair Employer — Caring Father — Struggling Husband

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The Words Kraft

The Words Kraft

Enthusiastic Writer — Persistent Dreamer — Fair Employer — Caring Father — Struggling Husband